what are the employees’ needs in Internal Communication?

employee cartoon

Internal Communications is often evaluated from the perspective of managers, but not so often from the perspective of the employees. Researchs and tools about it are focused on processes and content; however, it seems that nobody cares about the employee communication real needs.

Employees are the most valuable stakeholders from a strategic point of view. Their ‘organisational Identification’ contributes value to the company since identification brings along with performance. Employee responses to organisational policies, practices and structures affect their potential to experience engagement. For example,  The higher the level of organisational identity of sales managers, the greater the sales quota achievement.

On the other hand, a lack of organisational identification is associated with increased stress and burn out, withdrawall and sickness.

Managerss shoul pay more attention to ‘internal corporate communication’, designed to promote commitment to the organisation, a sense of belonging to it, awareness of its changing environment ans understanding of its evolving aims. Once organisational engagement is achieved, the goal is aimed.

What would employees like their organisations to communicate? They would like to hear about organisational commitment, job performance, personal job-related matters, organisational decision making, complaint voice, superiors’ evaluation,… They also would like to feel that their work counts. To sum up, four areas should be covered by corporate internal communications: job, personal, operational and strategic issues.

To engage the employees, organisations should

-provide opportunities to feed employee views upwards.

-make them feel well informed about what is happening in the organisation

– provide them evidence to think that their manager is commited to the organisation.

They are no so dificult to achieve, the only thing needed is an accurate internal communication strategy.



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